My fiancé and I went to Sans Souci in Sep 2007 and stayed for seven nights but we did not nearly do everything and some things were closed for renovation (like the mineral pool). We did not even get to go to Sunset Beach and watch the sunset. We also didn’t go to the orientation. We did explore the grounds by ourselves. This time we will definitely go to the orientation tour and tour the grounds on our own again. The property is so big and there is so much to do (a week is not nearly enough time). When we go back in October to get married, I want to make sure that we do not miss out on ANYTHING! I have a few questions for those of you who have been to Sans Souci a few times and would like to help us out! TIA!!

Here they are:
1) Do the pools close or can you swim in them anytime?
2) How about the Jacuzzis? Can you go in them anytime?
3) How about Sunset Beach? My fiancé and I are not comfortable getting naked in front of many people (even though we do not mind others being that way around us). Can we use the pool or Jacuzzi after 5pm when Sunset Beach opens to clothed people to watch the sunset?
4) What’s up with the pool by the lobby and Balloon Bar? When we went there, we never saw people in it. Do people swim in this pool as well or is it basically just for looks? I think it looks nice and I would like to get in it.
5) Does anyone have any pictures of views/rooms from G block one bedroom ocean suites? Last time we stayed in the one bedroom, beachfront (Jacuzzi) suite and
I think we missed out on seeing and doing a lot because we were so close to the beach and pool bar that that’s all we did all day every day. This time I want a good view and some seclusion since it will be our weddingmoon.

If there are any suggestions/recommendations or any must-do’s, please let us know. Thanks!