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    Default which would you pick - CN Beachfront or CSS Beachfront

    We're wanting to book our 1 wk trip to CSS and 1 wk at CN. For those that have been at both and have stayed in a beachfront unit, which would you suggest has better beachfront units? We were at CN in January and stayed in oceanview but am thinking beachfront would be nice to try.

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    Default CN, save the money and get a massage or upgrade if you already have one. All the rooms are so close and so nice, if you liked the ocean view, stay with it and spend the money on the massage or at the spa, or on an extra day!

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    I personally think you'd get more of a beachfront experience in one of the beachfront rooms at CN, then switch it up and try the rooms on the cliff at CSS, both spectacular in their own rights.

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    Hi Brenda and Ken,
    It would really depend on what you want. CSS is a beautiful suite with a wonderful view. CN is a beautiful room and has the better beach.
    We rotate between CSS and CN as each one is different. CSS is very romantic where CN is more open and has the wonderful beach and the cat cruise.
    As far as entertainment goes and food goes you can't beat CSS. We had A.J. Brown for the Gala and he belongs in Vegas!
    Which ever one you choose you will have the best time of your lives. 317 dayes till we get back to our beach home at CN.

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    Remember beachfront units at CN aren't really beachfront. You are staring directly to the center of the resort. You have to lean out and look to see the beach. We stayed in them and then decided to get gardenview because it was exactly the same room.

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    I've never been to CSS, but the CN "beachfronts" don't fully front the beach. All buildings are positioned on an angle to the beach so there isn't a direct frontal view. The beachfront rooms are closest to the beach and the beachfront suites (at the end of the buildings) do have excellent views of the beach and water.

    Also realize that CN has very beautiful and lush vegetation. Thus, most of the rooms have trees around the balcony. It's great to watch the birds and lizards! However, the foliage might somewhat obstruct your view.

    CN is a small property; thus, whatever room you choose won't be far from the beach -- maybe a 1-minute walk at the very most. You need to weigh the importance of a room closer to the beach vs. cost.

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