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    Default Concerned about beach vendors at CSA

    DH and I have decided to make our first Couples visit next spring to celebrate our tenth anniversary. We had pretty much decided on CSA, but I am a little concerned about the public nature of the beach, in particular, the vendors. This is making me wonder if we should go to CSS instead, even though I would prefer the larger beach at CSA. Our priority to on this trip is to relax and focus on one another. I really wouldn't want someone selling sunglasses to interrupt our peaceful beach time.

    I would be grateful if someone who has been there could describe how the vendor thing works. Thanks so much!

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    They wander along the waters edge. They are not allowed on the property itself. Unless you engage them, they will not bother you at all.
    This is one of the reasons we love CSA. We get to see the vendors walking along the beach.

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    No worries, the vendors walk along the shoreline, they are not allowed to come up to you on the beach, unless YOU summon them up. Relax and enjoy yourselves... the beach is lovely and very romantic.

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    The public part of the beach is close to the water; that is where the vendors walk. There are no vendors on resort property.

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    All you have to do is tell them no thanks and they will back off. And if you are on the property, security is great to keep them away. Don't let that stop you from choosing the resort that is calling to you.

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    The vendors are really part of the beach and the experience the makes CSA unique. They are not bothersome as most will simply walk the beach and sing their pitch to the beach patrons. If you happen to catch their attention, even unintentionally, a simple no thank you will send them on their way. None are threatening or pushy, and the CSA security staff watches them very closely to make sure. There will be strolling reggae musicians that will stop and play a couple of songs if someone asks them to. You can listen and enjoy and even drop a couple of much appreciated bucks in their bucket if you like. But again, a "no thank you" will send them on their way if you are not in the mood for a serenade.

    I don't recall sun glasses being available, but just about anything else you can think of will be.

    Don't be afraid of the vendors. They are just part of the beach culture and local economy.

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    Don't let it worry you at all! They only walk the beach and security won't let them walk up far unless you wave them over.A polite "no thanks" will do the trick.If it really bothers you, don't sit down by the water line.It's never a big deal to us as we are booked for trip # 4 to CSA and #5 to Couples. CSA has the best and most gorgeous beach, You will LOVE it, I promise.CSS's beach is private and pretty but very small.We won't go back there just for that reason.

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    The beach vendors,, and there are only a few, must stay at the water or tide line. They are not allowed to come up to you. The only day that it different is Vendor Day ,which is wednesday, the resort lets some local craftsman onto the property to sell what they have. Everything from wood carvings ,custom T-shirts,jewelery,sandals, shawls, art work. Some really beautiful items. Also if you are walking the waters edge and one of the local beach vendors approachs they will say hi ,show you what they have and if you are not interested just politely say no thankyou and thats all it takes. Security on the beach takes notice of the vendors and if they think a guest is uncomfortable with a vendor they will quickly move the vendor along.. Go to CSA you will love it and after you get home you will talk/laugh about the shell guy and the cigarette guy, trust me on that one.. We ars going back in April, when will you be there?

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    Thank you everyone! I figured this would be the case, or else people wouldn't rave so much about these resorts. We are super excited. We haven't booked our trip yet and are still figuring out our dates, but I'll post in the meet up thread when we are all set. Thanks again!

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    We have been to CSA and CSS. We did enjoy the peace and quiet on the beach at CSS. But the beach at CSA is so much bigger and nicer. The vendors at CSA are mostly strolling musicians, plus the jet ski guys. There are a few people selling items, such as cigarettes. To me, it can get a little annoying to have the vendors if you are looking for absolute peace and quiet. However, they are by no means as aggressive as many of the other Caribbean islands.

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