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    Default Coffee maker in room?

    Just booked Feb 2011 (13th-20th our 35 wedding anniversary is Valentine's Day) We have been to COR in Jan 02 but first time at CN. Can't remember but are their coffee makers in the room? Love to sit on the balcony and have that first cup in the morning.

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    CN does have coffee makers in the room.

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    There are coffee makers in the room, but we like to order room service and get a carafe of fresh coffee delivered. We also like the room service coffee better than what they have in the room. You can also get fresh milk delivered to the room with room service, but if you use the in-room coffee maker you have to use the powered stuff.
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    Coffee makers are in all rooms. We too enjoy making a fresh pot of java occasionally while at CSA.

    Hey. No one has asked about irons in the room for quite a while. Is ironing going out of style? What up wit' dat?

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    You can order coffee to be delivered to your room every morning.. I think as early as 6:30. Nice to sit out on the patio with a cup of Jamaican coffee. Nothing better.

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    Yes. they have great coffee makers in the room with wonderful Jamaican cofee- regular and decaf. I love to sit by myself with a cup of coffee on the balcony every morning at CN.

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    You can get a pot of blue mountain coffee and a plate of fruit/pastries delivered to your room every morning. If your room is on the ground floor they will bring it directly to your balcony. What a perfect way to start the day!

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    Thanks for the info. Can't wait to go. February seems a far time off. Last time we took a trip in February, we left Wisconsin and the temp was 29 below zero F. The pilot made a joke about how hard it is to get the plane started in the cold. lol. We had a few people on the plan flying for the first time and they seemed a little concerned.

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