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    Default Beach Bar and Grill CSS

    Posted this in wrong forum first of all, I'll try this one if I may.......

    As well as staying open for burgers from 11pm until, does the beach bar t CSS serve any drinks during that time? I guess if so they will be of the non alcoholic variety?
    See you there in November. Can't wait!

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    I noticed you posted this a couple of days ago without a response. I'll try to give you what I hope is an accurate answer. My wife & I stayed at CSA last year but we stayed at CSS in '07 & '08. I know you won't be able to get any alcoholic drinks from the beach bar during those hours because it will be closed for the night. The Balloon Bar (aka piano bar), serves drinks until the last person leaves. That's up the hill from the beach grill near the lobby. Unfortunately, I can't remember if there is a self serve drink station at CSS. I don't think they do unlike CSA & CN which has them at the beach grills. That could be because of the close proximity of the grill to the beach bar at CSS (about 3 feet). So, I'm not sure if you can get a non-alcoholic drink at the CSS grill between those hours.
    Not sure if I helped but I thought you deserved some kind of answer to your question. You could always bring a drink down from your room to the grill too.

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    beach bar closes at 0130ish or later if your bar tender likes you. the grill is "open" at 2300...while i was there it never opened before 2330 at the earliest and don't expect to get your food till the employees get what they ordered

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    If the balloon bar has closed down when you would like a drink, you always have the option of your in-room mini-bar. There you can fix any drink you desire.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Default beach bar at CSS

    Thank you everyone, this hs told me all I need to know.

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    We were at CSS several months ago. One evening we were at the beach bar having hamburgers after midnite. I had wine and my hubby had a mixed drink. I also had a soda. So yes, you can get any drinks you want during those wee hours of the nite/morning and great food as well.

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    dont forget you can usually have the mini-bar stocked with what ever you want. Typically they stock with a few red stripe and a bottle of red wine and bottle of appleton run too. But you can ask them to stock what else you want, I have found by asking or filling out a form/comment and leave for the room crew.

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