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    Hi everyone!

    We have been to CSA (2weeks) CTI (1week) and CSS (1week). I love to look at the sample menus for each resort, anticipating all that yummy food! It seems that there is a sample menu for every resort that shows escargot yet we have never had it at any Couples. Is it just bad timing on our part? We go in January each year. Has anyone had escargot at Couples? Just wondering, it is a favourite of mine!

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    We have had escargot both at Feathers (once) and at Palazzina (sp?) at CSS. Yummy both times.
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    Default Delicous!

    We had it last October at CSS. Fantastic. We also had it in June 2007, when we went. We like it enough that we had a second helping of appetizers.

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    We go to CSS every year and the Palizzina Rest. use to have them on their menu. However the last two years, it has not been an item.
    At Cassonova Rest. they are sometimes a special of the day. We have been talking to Pierre and Kyle about putting them on as a regular menu item again but nothing yet. We have found that if you tell the chef at Palizzina ahead of time you will be eating there and would like escargots he will gladly fix them for you. That is how we solve the problem until they become a regular item.
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    Yes, we had it twice at Pallazina at CSS. Very nicely done.

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    Wonderful! We are going to be at CSA and CSS this January and I will be sure to ask!
    Thanks everyone!

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    Do they have escargot at CN?
    One Love,

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    It's been hit and miss for us in January at CSS, which is too bad because they are great!

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    We returned from CSA yesterday and it was definitely on the menu at Feathers. It was not on my plate, but I do recall it being on the menu (I saved it for you...enjoy!). I had instead the smoked duck breast appetizer during our meals at Feathers....mmmmmmm.

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    I didn't see anyone mention Escargot at CTI and it's been a couple of years since this thread was started, so can anyone tell me if that might be available at CTI now?

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    We were just at CSS first week of July and there was no escargot.

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    we are going to CTI on Aug. 23rd thru Sept.1 and would also like to know if it is available.

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