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    Default Whole New Way to Look at Monday Morning

    Woke up this morning thinking "Oh no, it's Monday again!" Then I had a thought. I wonder how many more Monday mornings until we go back to CSA. Only 19 more Monday mornings!! Now I will wake up on Monday mornings knowing I can count another one down. This is going to make them much easier to face!

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    Ha! I did the same thing yesterday morning! My facebook status went as such "It's Monday. I usually loathe Mondays. However, I have decided not to loathe this Monday because it's the beginning to a short week and after today there's only one more Monday left until I leave for vacation!". Too funny.

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    LOVE the idea! Only 16 Mondays to go for us ! Wee Heee! Welcome Mondays! :-)
    Thanks for making my work week a little brighter !

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