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    Default Balitmore/Washington MD Customs

    Looking to book flights to & from MBJ. Anyone been thru Balitmore/Washington? I've flown to DC, but that's been many years ago when it was Washington National.

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    Can't answer your customs question, but don't confuse Baltimore-Washington Airport (BWI) with Reagan National, formerly National Airport (DCA).

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    Are you referring to BWI airport? I live in Baltimore and that is the airport I use for all my trips. Never been out of the country before, though, so I may not be much help. There are very few direct flights to Jamaica from BWI. I found one, but it was so much more costly that I chose a layover in Charlotte.

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    I have flown to and from MBJ from BWI many times, but I am not clear on what your question is about customs. Can you elaborate?

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    Default flying from BWI

    Air Tran is the only non stop from BWI. Use to be Air Jamaica but they no longer fly from Baltimore. I have never flown Air Tran but am going in February so hope all is good.

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    jd, I fly in and out of all 3 DC area airports (DCA, IAD, BWI). I would be happy to answer any questions. What is your question?

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    A couple of years ago, we flew Air Jamaica, non-stop from BWI to MBJ. Great flight, and customs on the re-entry was pretty much standard stuff, no problem. Don't know about that flight now. Air Jamaica is having its problems. We will be flying American through Miami in November.

    As jagorham said, don't confuse BWI with DCA, aka before as "National Airport". Two different entities.

    Good luck! Advice section: Try to be relaxed from the moment you walk out your door! Travel is a drag these days, but you will be on the way to Couples! Yippee! The more laid-back you can be on arrival, the better to slip into paradise...

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    We fly to MBJ every Feb. from BWI. What information do you need?

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    On flying to BWI,yes Air Tran flies from BWI to MBJ. Was looking for info about going through customs. If it was any better than going through Atlanta, which can be a real nightmare. I have flown Air Tran often, never had a problem, right now it looks like it'll be them in April. Leaving from OH, I could go through Orlando, or Charlotte which gives me another two choices. Thanks to everyone.

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    I live 15 minutes from BWI. I have flown Air Jamaica non-stop to Montego Bay from BWI when they use to fly from Baltimore. This past April, we flew non-stop on Air Tran. The flight was fine. We'll be flying Air Tran again to Montego Bay in Nov. I've not flown from National or Dulles to Montego Bay but have to the Bahamas, Mexico, and DR.

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