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    Default Doing the 24hour dance...Have a couple important questions!!!!

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!! First out of country vaycay, first AI! I want to make sure I bring enough cash...I see on here a lot about what and when to tip...but was wondering about all these videos/pics you can get for scuba diving, DRF, and ziplining...does anyone know how much they cost, and if you have to pay in cash or if it can either be charged to the room or included in when you book the excursion??? THANKS.

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    Didn't do the zip line or scuba, but the DRF video was $40, and you could pay by credit card. The Blue Mountain Bike Tour video was $30 (cash only). I don't know if any copyrights are being infringed, but the DVDs come with a Bob Marley sound track.

    You will want to bring some money to tip the guides, videographers and driver for the excursions.

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    Yeah, pretty much anything off resort, you will tip for. If you are diving with the resort staff, I don't believe you tip.. but things like Dunn's river falls, you'll tip your guides and if you buy the dvd, they will show up at the resort that evening to drop it off and collect. Paid cash for cd's with music from the catamaran cruise, they take tips in a single location which is nice, no pressure.

    Pretty much anything "on resort" is either included or can be charged to your room... like gift shop purchases or even the vendors (cigar and jewelry).. that way you don't have to carry a wallet or cash at all when you are on the resort!

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    Default money

    We went with 300 dollars and came back with 150!! No need for a lot of cash unless you do a lot of extra excursions or shopping!

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