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    Default Weather in October

    I have never been to the Caribbean in October but have been in Sept, Nov, and Dec. Can anyone tell me what the humidity and bugs are like in early Oct? Also, has anyone been in October but had to cancel due to hurricaines?

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    Default Oct Weather

    I was at CSA 3 years ago in the middle of October. I didn't really notice any bugs, nor was the humidity bad. The only thing it did rain more frequently. Seemed like each afternoon there was a good shower, some lasted only about 30 min- some about 2 hours. The rain wasn't a deal breaker at all though for us, no issues with hurricanes.

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    We were at CSS in October last year, and the weather was perfect. We had two very quick rainstorms in the week we were there. Both lasted 15 or 20 minutes and were done. It was humid, but that is typical in Jamaica year round, and the bugs weren't too bad. (Some in the evening, but many nights I forgot bug spray and was fine.)

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    The weather is generally good. We always go in October. The amount of bugs depends on the Resort and the weather. Any hurricane activity in the time we have been going to Jamaica has been in september.

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    This will be our 15th trip. We usuall go in November but have been once (maybe twice) in October due to schedule conflicts of travel companions. The weather was the same for us. Hurricanes are hit or miss at any time of hurricane season.

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