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    Default Best Vaca Everrrrr...No Worries Mon!

    Just returned from Couples Negril this past Sunday from an amazing week long(8/9-8/15/2010) stay with my BF, and I would highly reccomend this specific resort to anyone!!! From the time we arrived to the very end with hugs from the staff{{shout out to Nilka aka Nellie}} its was the most amazing week Ive ever had, almost like a dream. I had high expectation did all my homework before arriving and seriously CN exceeded every expectation and more, I was seriously blown away!!! We eneded up getting an upgrade (complimentary) without asking to a beach view instead of delux garden on the groud floor which was good considering all the drinking, lol, dont really know how the stairs would have affected that lol... The service is top notch, the staff is extremely friendly and fun, the food was pnenominal, drinks were flowing & yummy and the total ambiance was just flawless...Check in/out process was so easy, giftshops were convienent, everything purchased is charged to the room, you dont need to carry any cash...turn down service & housekeeping were awsome, I really didnt lift a hand this whole vaca, staff was always friendly, asking how everything is/was making sure your having the best time ever, always smiling...When we first got there a grounds keeper climbed a tree and got a frest coconut for us had us drink that fresh milk & told us to get the bartender to make us a "coco loco" drink out of it, oh boy was that yummy!!! You have to try the Bob Marley shot and the Monkey Brain shot!!! Our fav drinks were the Dirty Banana, Hummingbird, Miami Vice, and so many more...The water was so clear ever looking down like 25+ in detail you could see the ocean floor, we did the Glass bottom boat tour & you must do the Catamaran Cruise {{included}} We tried wakeboarding also, that was fun! The beaches are super clean, no shells, rocks & such, usually raked in the AM by staff...I loved being able to float on the mats provided in the ocean & pool and I loved the red flag service, they were really on top of it, usually didnt have an empty drink...I would reccomend doing the orientation before anything, we didnt do it, and wished we did, we didnt find out about a lot till later on in the week, they tell you everything that you need to know, where, when, ect...We played volleyball alomost everyday 2x a day, the event coordinators were really fun and friendly, we did the wood carving class & made awsome turtles, and I did basket weaving and made a coaster, pretty awsome {{also included}} We had planned on going on extra excusions but once we acutally got to the resort we didnt want to even leave, & there were so many activities there already it didnt make much sense to leave, we were good with all that extra stuff!!! The bed was even comfy & Im pretty picky, we met a lot of people while we were there & eves a couple couples from NJ which was neat {{shout out to ED & Kelly!!}} The event/activities coordinator Nilka aka Nellie is amazing one of the nicest people ever so fun & outgoing...we are avid poker players and didnt think at all that we'd play poker in Jamaica but to our surprise they hosted a casino night & also play Deal or no Deal which was awome...the dance parties in the Piano Bar are pretty fun...Make sure you get to see the sunset there, we kept missing it, until Friday night we made sure that we got to watch it, we had our reservations for Otaheite {{amazing}} got all decked out & actually got a mini photoshoot done on the beach before, one of the photographers took the memory card out of my camera & put it in his professional camera and got like 50+ shots of us in lots of poses on the beach/sunset setting, that was amazing!!! I always thought that I wouldnt ever go to the same place twice cause I like to travel but I think that I would seriously consider coming back to Couple Negril again & again & again...Ill post pics at another time but seriously consider Couple Negril, it was seriously the best vacation Ive ever been on, and I wouldnt change a thing!!!

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    Amazing how wonderful the place is, isn't it? You read how great it is and it can't possibly be that go with high expectations and they are exceeded. How does it happen? I don't know but Couples is everything everyone claims and more. Once you go, you know! Welcome to the Couples family!

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    So glad to hear you loved it!! We loved it too, in October of last year. 84 days to go and we will be back "home". I agree with your sentiments; I would be happy to go no where else but here from now on.

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    Terrific review. THANKS jbaker1786!

    ...once you go, you will know...


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    You're hooked. Welcome to the club!!

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    Default Best vacation EVER !

    DITTO!!! We felt the EXACT same way upon our return in early March this year. The warm & fuzzy feelings might also come from CN being more of a smaller/intimate resort and one truly gets to know the staff throughout your stay as well as some of the other guests? I posted my review when we returned as I thought it was necessary to acknowledge the exeptional trip we experienced and all of the wonderful personnel at CN. There are so many countries we'd like to travel to but I agree 100% that COUPLES is a STEP ABOVE THE REST and a place we will definitely go back to. Hopefully sooner than later!!!

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    Glad you got to experience the paradise that is CN. Ain't it GREAT???? 2 weeks from today & we'll be back "home" soaking it all in. Am starting to get butterflies I'm so excited!!! Just hearing your review made them flutter!!!

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    Awesome, I got a shout out!!! I knew it was you before I got to the shout out part lol... Hey Jessica how about a reunion next August? The catamaran cruise is probably pretty tame without us!

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    Nice review!!! I am sooo glad that u had a wonderful time. I believe this was your fist time @ CN. I am glad when first timers have a great time and report back to the other first timers.

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    @ Kelly...yeah it is prob pretty lame without us!!! Ill talk to Steve about going again!!! Im deff in, I had a blast...Have you guys tried Couples Swept Away or the other couples resorts? Oh & whats your Email?

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    Jessica- I sent you a friend request on FB.

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    I am planning a trip for December...did you spend a lot of money outside of what is all-inclusive or do you only have to do that if you leave the resort grounds? What is the policy/etiquette on gratuity?

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    It's your call whether you leave the resort and spend any extra money. Keeping that in mind, there are different vendors that are permitted on the grounds of the resort on different days of the week,i.e. hat making, wood crafter, dolls, shirts, leather sandals, where one can spend some money. Again, that's totally up to each individual and what you choose to purchase. The catamaran, water skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, glass bottom boat are included at no extra charge. There is NO gratuity for the restaurants, bars or room service at the resort. In fact, it is highly discouraged. If you so choose, you can walk around all day and night without any money in your pocket. But...good luck with that!

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    9/19-24 CN 4th time nuff said

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