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    Default bar at the AN beach in Negril

    We are going Nov 9th to the 16th. Last year we went to CSS AN beach was nice with a pool and swim up bar and Jacuzzi. There was an area where lunch was served. We are going to Negril for the first time and I have seen no mention of a bar at the AN beach. I know there is a jacuzzi but is anything else available right on the AN beach or do you have to dress and walk for drinks and refills?

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    There is a bar on the AN beach at Negril. It is a thatched hut set in the back corner of the beach. You can walk to it without bothering to cover up. You should have a great time. We did.

    Gene & Terry

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    CN's AN beach has a bar.

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    Default yes there is...

    ...a service bar at the AN beach. No problem to stay at the beach and get your cocktails or whatever you are drinking.

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    Yes they have a bar right on the AN beach and they do have some snack food available also. Some people choice to cover up while getting drink refills but others don't.

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    Angelju; are you guys from NJ

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    No fear. You can get your drinks on the AN side. Even if the bartender is on lunch, you can still serve yourself.
    BUT, you do have to dress & go to the "other" side to eat
    BUT, the food is worth it
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    Default Floy

    Last February the barmaid was Floy and she was wonderfully nice and friendly. As someone else stated, even if she is on break, just go help yourself!!!

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    Sorry havent been on for awhile. I fell and injured my knee. It is ok enough to go to CN on 11/9/10. No plans on canceling. We cant wait to go!! Yes we are from NJ. South Jersey to be specific. Are you from NJ?

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    While at CN last month (Jan) I simply put on a pair of shorts and walked over to one of the resaraunts and then brought the food back to my beloved. That way we could enjoy our lunch AN. Next trip we want to spend a few days at CSS and then go back to where we know we love, CN.

    Huge shout out to Phil and Ruth & Richard and Nicola for making our last visit more than pleasurable. Can't wait to get back into the sun with you guys!

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