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    Default Couple SS Peninsula

    Between Sunset beach and the main beach there appears to be a tree covered peninsula.

    Is this part of the resort? Is there access to it?

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    Couples does not own that land.
    We were at CSS last week and the General Manager was explaining the land is owned by 2 elderly sisters and they refuse to sell. The are "land locked" by CSS and CSS has to allow them access but they will not sell.

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    That area is private property and is posted as such.
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    That property is owned by the family that owned the land CSS is on. There is a private entrance to the area along the road or pathway to SSB. Sometimes you will see the lady out walking. She is very interesting to talk to. I believe her grand father or great grand father had the land many years ago. She seems to be in her 80's. I had heard that CSS was going to build some villas on the bayside cliffs you see in the pictures of the bay. I guess the poor economy put that on hold.
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    I believe the penissula you are asking about has a house on it that is not owned by Couples resorts. Part of the area is owned by Couples resorts but at this point there is no easy access to it

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    you can go around it, it separates the AN side from the rest of the resort. I am not sure if you can go through it to the other side of the resort, it looks pretty dense.

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    Default Peninsula

    There is, but it's not part of the resort. It's private property.

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    The peninsula is private property there is no access. I believe that ther are "no tresspassing" signs posted.

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    From what we could tell, it is private property. I don't think I'd wanna go there any way! lol

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    When we were there, they told us that it was relatives of the Issa family, private property...we did, however, meet one of the family dogs,who wandered down to sunset beach one evening
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    Actually, except for a small plot of land occupied by two sisters, we own the rest of the peninsula and - while the economy has forced its postponement - we do have expansion plans that include building on the peninsula.

    Couples Resorts

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