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    Default First timer- leaving in 18 day for CN

    HI there! We leave 9/16 for CN! We are traveling with our best friends and we are both celebrating our 25th wedding anniversaries!!

    I have been reading a lot of posts and am trying to gather my "to take" list. Just want to know if I'm missing anything. This is what I learned that I for sure need; Bug spray, moist wipes, zip lock bags. Anything else we REALLY need to take?? Other than normal things you pack for vacation?

    So excited can't wait been planning this for a LONG time! Any suggestions will be helpful!

    Thank you

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    Pack a couple of blue or black ball point pens in your carry on for filling out the customs/immigration paperwork on the plane. The flight attendants never seem to have enough pens to go around. Fill out both sides entirely, including the departure information. Signature and date is required in two places. This is what the form will look like.

    And this is what you will fill out on your return flight to the USA.

    I have also heard that, for CN, a light duty extension cord comes in handy as there are no electric outlets in the bathroom. I don't specifically remember this from our last visit, but I vaguely remember my wife doing her hair in the room outside of the bathroom. Perhaps someone can confirm this for both of us.

    For an extensive look at thing to pack (perhaps) see the "'I wish I would Have thought of That' Thread" thread here.
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    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    If you use any hair appliances (blowdryer, iron), it would be a good idea to bring an extension cord if you have room. There are no plugins in the bathrooms. Someone else had also mentioned a flashlight to see the night crabs when you're walking around the resort...I thought that was a good idea.

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    Congrats! You'll love CN.
    I always bring a variety of over-the-counter medications just in case. I also like having a small beach bag for my camera, books and sunscreen. As NeedBlueWater wrote look at the one thread. I found it very helpful our first trip as I had never been out of the country prior to our trip. Pens handy on plane...yes! Batteries. Dollar bills and small bills for tipping at airport and so you don't have to make change if you buy something from a vendor on a beach. Irie!

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    Bring some sort of lip protection with sunscreen. Lips can also get sunburned.
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    I used a lightweight, easy to fold up in your suitcase beach bag every day down there.

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    Flashlights for exploring at night. My friends made fun of me for brining a small light but we all used it everynight for a stroll along the beach looking for crabs and fish. HUnting frogs at night and other small animals. A small stain removing pen could come in handy as well.

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    WOW! I never would have thought about a flashlight! Great idea! And the extension cord...OMG, so glad you told me!

    It's even closer now, Can't wait! CN HERE WE COME!!!

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    We've been there 7 times and LOVE it!! The thing we've learned to do is when you pack your luggage take half of it out and leave it at home. Yes bug spray for night walks and zip locks. My wife always over packs for our trips. Swimsuits and a change of clothes for dinner is about all you need. Everything else is irie mon Congrats on 25 years!! Make sure to get a picture in the "heart tree" on the beach. If you want to see a picture email me at

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    See you there! We arrive at CN for our 14th visit on Friday, September 17. Can't wait!
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    I definitely concur with the flashlight suggestion!! My husband and I had such a GREAT time on our last trip this past April (our third) searching the grounds and beach for creatures after dinner many nights based on a message board post! It is also how we met and became friends with a FANTASTIC couple from England, Jacqui and Kevin, who pointed out this crazy big blue crab that lives under the footbridge by the spa! Make sure to check him out, he's amazing! (and a little scary too!)
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    Begin considering your return trip. Yes, you will be inspired to make a return trip after this one. You will absolutely love this place. Two words...NO PROBLEM

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    Thanks a bunch! I'm making a list of must brings, it's very helpful to know what other have brought.

    Tomorrow, September 1st begins the REAL countdown! We fly out September 16th!!

    I'm very sure we will love CN and be planning our next trip before we leave this time!

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