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    Default Thanksgiving 2010

    Who is going to be at CN Thanksgiving 2010?? This is our first time for our honeymoon and can't wait!

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    My fiance and i (well husband by the time we get there) will be there the 12th to the 22nd....we are getting married on the 10th (over the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend) so i'm sure we will see you there....
    This is also our 1st time to Jamaica and it's also our honeymoon.
    When are you getting married?

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    We'll be there 18-26 Nov. It will be our third trip to CN. We will be going to CTI 26 Nov - 4 Dec. It's a great place, you guys will love it.

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    We are getting married on November 20th and will be in CN on the 21st through that following Saturday. We are already looking forward to it so much! I think more then the actual wedding!

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    This will be our second annual trip to CN during US Thanksgiving. We will be there Nov 19 through Nov 26. We can not wait. This will be our 3rd trip to CN.
    Tom and Teresa

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