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Thread: Beef Patties

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    Default Beef Patties

    Does anyone happen to have a good recipe for beef Patties?

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    I don't but we buy good frozen ones from BJ's.

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    thanks. i was hoping to get one as close to Couples as i could. hehe

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    We find some good ones at Kroger too.
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    Check around where you live you might have a jamaican restuarant near by... bummer CTI doesnt have the coco bread to go with the patties...

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    Google them. There is a company in Boston who makes them and will ship anywhere. They actually make the ones that Costco sells I think. Very similar. Not too hard to make either. I got a recipe off here a few months ago that turned out great.

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    I live in Colorado and can't find them anywhere!! And our Kroeger (King Soopers) hasn't been able to order them for us either.

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    If you still have the recipe would you email it to me? Thanks so much

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