We got home Saturday afternoon and have been having a GREAT time as usual. Some things the same or better ..... some not so great.

The good .... Our OVS has been updated with new paint, etc and looks great. Wasn't sure about them painting the concrete side tables by the bed, but they make the room look a little sharper and cleaner. New or very well cleaned cushions on the decks. Looks a lot better than some of the moldy ones in the past.

The not so good ..... Occupancy is low right now. Maybe only 30 or so people on the beach at any given time. A lot less sometimes. With that being the case Patois Patio is now "requiring" reservations for dinner. They will still let you in if available though. Also, the request slip for drinks in the mini bar.... No liquor until you chose what you want and checking off things that you want or don't want in the fridge is definitely not guaranteed.

The good .... The staff is still wonderful and always trying to help you with whatever you need.

More updates later.... Time for sunset pics and dinner !!