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    Default Late Sept.-early October

    24 Days left and we are back home. Everyone should be getting pumped up now! The wife and I are already packing up the beach stuff,

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    boy oh boy we are getting so excited. our cusion just got back from CSA a couple weeks ago and showed us pics. when we seen them we started packing to go! it cant get her fast enough and then will go to fast lol. pool bar here i come!

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    Default Hey Fuller

    Not that I have to ask but did your cousins enjoy themselves?
    Three weeks to go!!!!!

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    I need to start my lists. Thanks for the reminder. I am so psyched to be going in just a few short weeks. Everyone have safe journeys. CSA ROCKS!

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    hey guys they had a blast. her husband gave me one tip and that was to watch out for the bob marleys he said they will sneek up on you lol. cant wait till the 25th when we fly in. see everone very soon.

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    Default Sept meet up

    Well dow to 20 days till we arrive at CSA. Getting really excited for this trip. First timers here coming for our honeymoon. Kim and I get married on 9/25/10 and they head down on Monday from NY! Can't wait to meet everyone who is meeting at the swim up bar on the 30th at 2:30 pm. Hope everyone has a safe flight and we shall see you soon.....

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    Default Tim Air

    Hey Margie have you ever tried the plane shuttle from Montego Bay? My wife and I have booked it for the first time. Don't want to waste any time getting home. Also looks like we can leave the resort 2 to 3 hours later as apposed to the bus.I understand they want you to leave up to 5 hours before your flight with the busses.

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    Default Re: Tim Air

    Hey Wayne, We have never used Tim Air, but from what I have read it is a great way to get back and forth from MBJ. Make sure to have a camera ready because you will get a great birds eye view of the island and specifically 7 mile beach. I hope one year we will be able to use Tim Air because I would love to stay at the resort longer on the day we leave. You will have to let me know how it went at our meet and greet. We are very close to our paradise vacation. I have to start packing and making my lists. See you on the 30th if not before. Margi

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    hey kevin where in ny are you flying out of. me and my wife in four days are flying out of syracuse on the 25th. wayne i looked into the tim air to but wasent sure if it would be worth it plus we really didnt have the money in our budget to book it seeing how we had to push our wedding up like eight months but am curious to know how it goes too because the next time i am almost sure that we will take it! cant wait to see everyone on the 30th

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    I'll let everyone know how much time we save and if it was worth the money. 16 days to paradise.

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    Default Flying out of NY

    Hey Fuller, we are flying out of NYC at JFK. You leave on the 25th and that is our wedding day. We head down on Monday the 27th. Looking forward to the meet and greet. I just started a new thread for names, dates and what everyone is celebrating. So don't forget to add yourself to the list. Looking forward to meeting you guys down there.

    Kevin and Kim 9/27-10/6

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    21 days for us!!!! I really need this break too. My three kids have been giving me a hard way to go. I want nothing to do all day except eat, drink and get a tan. I think knowing I'm going is the only thing keeping me going.

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    16 days till paradice.... and i def will keep a eye out for it the next couple days are busy sat is our wedding day. hopefully the weater is nice it has done noting but been nasty here as of late(winter is coming)and if anyone has been to northern new york you know how cold it gets lol!

    james and darcy

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