I just have 2 questions:

1. In order to get the Honeymoon perks, what kind of documentation do they need? Can we bring a program or does it have to be the Marriage Certificate?

2. Also, Im worred about a couple of reviews that I read. A read a few instances where the room category that was booked was not available when they arrived at the resort. This is a once in a lifetime trip for me. How can I gaurantee that I get the BFVS that I have already reserved for the whole 7 days? Anything less would be extremely unacceptable. If I couldnt get the 7 days, Id rather postpone the whole trip until it was available. I know they credit you the money if you get downgraded, but the money is not important to me. Is there anyway I can call before arrival to make sure my room is 100% available?