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    Default CSS August 17-25th Review

    After a delayed flight and a very long day we arrived at CSS at about 3:00. It took and hour to get from plane to bus, and two hours to get from bus to resort. We did make a stop along the way for a bathroom and snack break.

    When we checked in our repeaters gift was ready, but we were booked in the wrong room. Their copy of the reservation had us staying in a beachfront suite. We had booked a one bedroom ocean view suite. They had no place to put us so we stayed in A-23 for two nights. These rooms are just too small for my taste and there is no privacy. We were moved into G-14 after two days. This was a huge improvement. It had a great view, so private, two seperate rooms and you could hear the musice from the ballon bar at night.


    I will start with the two negatives. The main course at the repeaters dinner was not any good. (It was pork loin and shrimp, and overcooked.) The other parts of the repeater's dinner were good. The only other bad meal we had was a Bella Vista, neither liked our entree, but the chocolate dessert may have been the best of the trip. We never ate dinner at Pallazina. We did eat lunch at Pallazina it was good. The beach grill was good for lunch and the 2 am snack. We ate at Cassanova three times. All three times were excellant as always. We did not do the Beach Gala, we ordered room service that night. Room service was real good everytime we ordered. I love the beach party, we went to two of them while we were there.


    The staff is what makes this place, from the GM on down. Many of the staff remembered my husband and I from the previous summer. They went out of their way to make sure you were happy.

    The guests:

    Since we went from Tuesday to Wednesday we got to see almost two different set of guest. The first week the guest seem to be quiet. The second we you could not get a chair at the beach bar at midnight. There was so many people there. The second week crowd was much rowdier. An example being they ran out of Heinken every night the second week at the Ballon bar. The first week, I was the only one drinking it.

    The Beach:
    Never crowded many times I looked around and I would be the only one there or there was less than 10 people.


    Had a great trip. I love this place. If up to me I would probably never go anyplace else. My husband is ready for a real beach.(Speaking of beach there was flag service everyday we were there.) So next summer its Couples Negril and I am going to do my best not be disappointed in the room or the views.

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    What floor was A-23 on? We are booked into that type of room and privacy is one of my concerns. What part wasn't private?

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    I am a BIG CN fan but unless you book a beachfront suite, you will not have a great view of the ocean. If you like privacy, hope you don't get a first floor room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kycouple View Post
    What floor was A-23 on? We are booked into that type of room and privacy is one of my concerns. What part wasn't private?
    Its on the second floor. The second room. The problem is you can hear the people in the pool in the afternoons.

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