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Thread: Football on tv?

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    Default Football on tv?

    Can anyone tell me if they play Football games on the tv at CSA? Will be there in october and my team plays on NBC on Sunday night and dont want to miss it?

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    You can ask them to put it on whatever channel you want at the sports bar. The problem with that is, if someone else is already watching a program, you can't ask that it be changed. We ran into that last time we were there. We wanted to watch the UT game and someone was already watching the IronMan.

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    twincoast, we were at CSA in Dec. of '08 and football games were playing on the big screen tv over at the sports complex. I don't remember seeing games on the tv in the room, but then again I was too busy enjoying myself to even look for one. Enjoy your time in Paradise!

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    Yep! No problem mon!!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    If you say football in Jamaica they might put soccer on... haha... every TV has all the standard cable channels should not be a problem...

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    My team plays on NBC on Saturdays. Hope we can get the game

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaj111 View Post
    My team plays on NBC on Saturdays. Hope we can get the game
    No AFC games are broadcast in Jamaica.... only channel is the EAGLES network..... ha ha

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    Default Sports Bar at CTI - ??

    Is there a "sports bar" at CTI or somewhere to watch a game like a bar with a TV ?

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