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Thread: Lobster at CTI

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    Default Lobster at CTI

    Is Friday the only Lobster night? We will be missing out as we are only there Sat-Thurs

    What day is the Beach party on?

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    Beach party is Monday and Friday is lobster night.

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    Lobster is on Friday and the beach party is on Monday from what I can tell. We will be there Wed-Mon so we will miss the beach party and I am a little bummed about that.

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    Well I guess we will miss out on Lobster night but will be there for the Beach Party YAY!!!

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    You absolutely cannot miss lobster night. We were at CTI in July for our 20th anniversary. It was our last night at CTI and we happened to see the lobster in the Main Buffet (yes the Main Buffet). We ate ate and ate lobster and are still talking about The lobster in September. Wow. Don't miss Friday night. We can't wait to go back to CTI and eat lobster on Friday night

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