Hey all, this may seem like an odd question. We drink a blended health shake every day and there's no way we can go 11 days without it while we're at CTI, it's just that much a part of our normal diet. Would it be an unusual request for me to ask to get one blended up at one of the bars? I plan on taking the mix with us and would like to use the fresh fruit at the resort to make some new variations. I'll bring extra in case anyone wants one!!! This will help offset the glorious amount of food and drink we will be consuming.

I guess this brings up another question, is there an issue with bringing it into Jamaica in the first place? We take it everywhere, but I certainly don't want to cause a fuss. It is in sealed packets.

According to my countdown clock, there's 8 weeks, 4 days and 9 hours until we leave. See you in November.

Rick and Shannon