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    Default catamaran cruise ? at CTI

    Could someone give me some info about the catamaran cruise that leaves out at 3:30. How long does it stay out and what all goes on while you are on it? Some that we have been on stop and let you go swimming just wondering what this one was like. Thanks for any info!

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    Answers anyone?

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    It is out a couple of hours stopping in a cove for a swim. There is entertainment and rum punch. If you want something else to drink, you can take it from a bar at the resort.

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    We did the cruise four months ago. The water was too rough to board the catamaran at the resort, so Couples transported us down the road via bus to a calm cove to get on board. The cruise lasted a couple of hours once underway and did stop for swimming. The wind was up so the water was a bit rough, but no one got sick. Quite a few of us near the front of the boat got wet though! The CTI cruise isn't as nice as CN's, but it was still fun and worth the time. At CTI the boat is smaller and there's not as much of a party atmosphere on board.

    Here's a link to some photos from our CTI catamaran cruise:

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    Gosh no one who's been to CTI recently has any advice? We were there in 2003 and the cruise took you out cruising into the ocean for a little while. There were beverages served on board. We cruised back into the Ocho Rios harbor past a docked cruise ship and then into a cove for a swim. You should be back to the hotel in a couple of hours or so. You won't be having an early dinner so grab a snack before or eat a late lunch. I hope this helps.

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    Hi it's okay bit of off shore fun don't expect anything to spectacular though. Rum punch and organised dancing with the crew a trip along the coast and back with a stop off-for a swim. Takes about an hour and half if memory serves.

    We'll be back in a few weeks and will be giving it a miss this time around

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    It is a really fun trip and I think is about 2 hours... but this is just a guess since we try not to wear watches in Jamaica! It is a fun ride and the location they take you to swim at is spectacular! You should go on it if you have time!

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    The CTI Cat Cruise is a little boat (compared to the one at CN and CSA) that you sit on top of. It has a very energetic crew that tries to get you involved in dancing on the boat. It goes out into the ocean and plays in the big waves for a while (itís kind of like a roller coaster) and then back to the Ochi harbor for some swimming. Since the waves were too big at CTI for the boat when we were there, they bused us into Ochi. We had no shoes, because you donít need shoes for the CN Cat Cruise, and we had to walk across a gravel parking lot to get to the boat. If you take a nice camera, take along a plastic baggie to lock it in, because you well get splashed with a lot of water. Iíd take a waterproof camera. The entire cruise lasts from 2 to 3 hours.
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    We would also like to know. Any catamaran cruises I've been on have always been a great outing!! I am not missing the one at couples.

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    It's probably about an hour and a half. So much fun! They take you to a cove that has crystal blue water and they let you jump off of the boat into the water. They feed you drinks and make you dance the whole way. Just a tip....sit on the net in the front of the boat. You get pounded with waves. It's a riot! It was definately one of the highlights of the trip.

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    Default cruise

    The catamaran cruise left about 3:30 or so and we returned between 5:00 and 5:30, we just sailed around for a bit, while listening to Jamaican music and drinking rum punch, then stopped for about 30 minutes to swim. We then sailed back to the resort, and they had us stand up and dance! We had a good time - sit up in the netted area, more comfortable and a better chance of getting wet.

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    We were there two weeks ago and loved the Cat cruise. Its about 1.5 hrs. The first half we spent riding and bouncing in the waves. Then we went swimming in a crystal clear cove. Then its a short trip back and you dance on the way in. Staff did a great job entertaining. There was rum punch, I didn't notice any nonalcoholic drinks though. Depending on where you sit, you could get wet. I wouldn't bring anything other than a bathing suit, sunglasses and waterproof camera. You can get towels at watersports on the way there.

    Advice would be to book it as soon as you arrive at the hotel as it fills up fast. If you don't get your first choice, then try getting on standby as many couples are enjoying other activities so much they forget

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    We went on the cat cruise at CTI a couple weeks ago. It was fun. You ride out about a mile and enjoy the waves and wind, listen to great music, and the crew was fun and amusing. Then you ride back in to the cove and swim. You can jump off the side or walk down the stairs into the water. Then more rum punch and back to CTI. We enjoyed it and will do it again next time.
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