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    Default I'm not keeping track of my arrival.

    Alright we booked our first trip to Couples Resorts (an Atrium Suite at CSA) for March 10th, 2011 which should get us through one heck of a cold Canadian winter. I'm not keeping track but I figure we have only 189 days left to go. Actually that works out to roughly 16,329,600 seconds OR about 272,160 minutes OR just about 4536 hours. OMG that's only 27 weeks!!! It feels like we'll be there in no time.

    I understand that CSA is unable to accept any specific room, building or floor requests in advance. That's a reasonable policy. I hope that I will end up with the Atrium Suite we booked though. I don't have any preferences where the suite is (like a room on the second floor facing the wedding gazebo) and I'm sure whatever room I get will be great, but does anyone know if they move you to another room type if they are full?

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    Actually, if you booked an Atrium suite, you WILL get that. They dont' accept building or floor requests, but you do get the room you book, unless they are overbooked. Not sure how that would work. You will have a GREAT time.

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    While there has been some talk of people being moved, it is very unlikely to happen. You will get the suite type you booked. You will also LOVE IT!!!!

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