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    Default Maybe a daft question but

    Say you are booked into a particular restaurant and you order a dish that you find you do not like. Can you order something else or do you just wait and get something from the grill when it opens or even go back to your room and order room service.

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    While I can't speak from personal experience, every so often, someone on the MB reports having ordered numerous appetizers or more than one entree. If the restaurants don't have a policy against allowing someone to order two entrees at the outset, I can't imagine they wouldn't bring you a new selection if you were dissatisfied with your original order.

    Having said that, we've never been unhappy with the food at Couples. My husband is a selective eater, so I'm always worried about what will be brought out. The restaurant staffs are good about special requests, such as leaving certain items off of the entree or making substitutions.
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    I far as I know, you can order another item. Also if you really like something you can order another one if you want.

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    I am sure if you ordered something you didnt like you could order something else. That is if you ordered something you didnt like cause we never had a bite we didnt enjoy.

    On a side note the grill is open 11am to 5am. and room services is only for breakfast. Your going to love CSA.

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    Oops we are staying at CSS so room service is an option, we are only there for a week and I believe we will get there about 8ish so thinking about ordering a bit of room service the first night.

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    I can't imagine that there would be a problem with sending something back (or just not eating it). I mean, heck, people do it in non-all-inclusive restaurants with some regularity.

    I'd say treat the restaurants as you would any restaurant with a tasting or prix fixe menu: Don't order things you know you won't eat and/or ask politely if reasonable accomodation can be made for things you know you don't like (for me, as an example, if there's a great salad with chopped walnuts, I'd ask if the walnuts could be left off, since I hate walnuts, but I'd order something different or not waste the kitchen's time to bring it out if it were already incorporated into the dressing).

    Having said that, have fun with it. Don't be afraid to try ingredients you may not be familiar with. The portion sizes are more European than American, and hence designed for multiple courses and less waste.

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    The only thing we experienced were delicious and delightful meals. We were amazed at the quality of the dinners and enjoyed every bite...Bon appetit

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    Default kazd

    kazd-this has never happened to us and I don't really know the answer but thank you for using the word 'daft'. I haven't heard it in years and I love it. Nobody uses it much in the midwest.
    Have a great vacation.

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    Oh, absolutely order something else !! If I can tell from the menu or their description that I won't quite like something, I always "special" order stuff. They are very accommodating at Couples & never seem put out when I do this. And, it's not like you're only allotted a certain amount of food per week -- you can have as much/little as you want !!


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    Are you a brit in Exile?

    I lived in the DC for 5 years before returning to the UK and even now I use, Northern English words and Americanism's without even realising it. Daft I think is possibly a word used more in the North of England.

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    I'm a really picky eater and have on one occasion ordered something that I ended up not liking. The waiter quickly wisked the dish away and I ordered something different.
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    kazd-possibly a brit in another life. and lots of jane austen! you have all the best words!

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