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    Default Hey, Kim and John from NH

    I posted this on the CSA thread after I saw your message to warmweatherfriend.

    Hi John and Kim. We'll be at CSA again this year with Linda and Steve this time. We'll have to have another NH reunion. This time how about we do the trading places and come see you at CN? And you can come see us, too, if you want. Our trip is planned from February 19-February 27. The four of us decided to take Timair from Mobay to Negril. Countdown clock says 172 days left. Warmweatherfriend, looks like we overlap by only one day.

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    Hi Sue & Bill

    We are going to CN Feb 23 to March 4 (gotta love that extra night). That would be great if you all can come over to CN so we can show you our home.

    Speaking of home, we'll have to get together soon, it's been a busy summer!

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    Hi Northeasterns! As Sue & Bill noted below, we had both posted on the CSA thread but - John & Kim - our dates are Feb. 26th thru March 6th BUT at CSA this time. We'll probably take advantage of Trading Places and hopefully run into you both. Maybe near our favorite tree on the beach, or at the beach bar & grill for chicken/beef patties, or ? Can hardly wait already. We have our air reservations but are still waiting for a great deal on the rooms!

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