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    Default Greetings from CSA...

    My husband and I arrived yesterday afternoon (Friday) and so far are having a blast!

    Everything has been wonderful. If I had to find anything even mildy bad it would be that my suitcase didn't show up yesterday. Fortunately, when I went to the main desk to ask for another key because I locked us out of our room, it was sitting in the corner.

    We are staying in a beach front verandah suite and the view is absolutely beautiful. We lucked out and got a ground floor corner room. We are literally 10 years from the beach. If we look to the right from our patio we can see the beach bar. If we look to the left from our patio we can see the Cabana Grill. The room is fantastic too. Very clean, and the bedding is wonderful!

    Last night we ate dinner at The Palms. The buffet was outstanding! I tried just about everything and there wasn't anything I didn't like. I would have to say though that the suckling pig was my favorite. The skin was like eating a piggy potato chip . Unfortunately the beach party was cancelled because it had been raining, but we still had a great time.

    This morning we ordered room service for early breakfast. Although we didn't order it for quite early enough. We figured we'd sleep in, but alas we were up at 5:30 like every other morning. Breakfast came about 7:45. We had cereal, coffee, fruit, and assorted pastries. The banana bread is fabulous.

    Just a while ago we had late breakfast at Patios Patio. As everyone has said, the banana stuffed french toast is out of this world! We also had a pretty fantastic breakfast burrito.

    The staff has been wonderful!. Theresa called just to see how our room service breakfast was!

    Now we are headed down to the swim up bar! I want to live here

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    Happy to read you're enjoying. While on the beach, and when you see him, please say hello to Elvis from Wendy & Sal & that we'll see his smiling face April 2011. Have an awesome vacation & a rum punch for Razzl.

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    Hi KCJen... I am absolutely envious that you are there and we are not

    Glad to hear you are having a fabulous time. We have 3 months, 7 days left before we're CSA home-bound again.


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    I love reading the "live" reviews...45 days til my turn!

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    Hi KCJen! You are making me so yealous!!!!!!! Have a great time - roll on November so we can go home too!!

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    Mike and I just love reading about the great times, esp live feeds like yours. He can already taste the banana french toast and when I told him there were breakfast burritos, he lit up!!!

    Thanks for the insight we just can't wait for our turn.

    Mike want's me to ask..... How's the coffee??

    By the way.....last Thursday we were basking in sunny temps of 85F (28 - 29C) here. This Labour Day morning, it is a whopping 65F (18C) and drizzing rain, we're inside drinking our coffee and considering closing our pool for the season

    we are SOOOOOOOO jealous right now lol


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    Sue, I'm not a big coffee drinker, but my husband has really enjoyed the coffee. We are having a great time here! There's only been one day, really, that's been super hot. All the other days it's clouded over in the afternoon and rained which has cooled it down significantly in my opinion. When we come back I will probably bring a light sweatshirt . We noticed on the TV the other morning that it was in the 60's back in KC. I'm so not ready to come home.

    As for the breakfast burritos at Patios, they don't have them every morning. We had them on a Saturday, but this morning they were not on the menu.

    I'll be writing a full review once we get back to the states, although I'm not at all looking forward to that happenening

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    We're from KC too and the weather has been awesome here. Of course, I'll take CSA over "nice" weather and Worlds of Fun any day. 8 more days!

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    @ jenpatrick...if this is Jen, I'm about 99% sure I work with your husband Patrick at Inergy Have fun! We don't want to leave!

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