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    Default vow renewal nov 2011 questions...

    hello all! my husband and i are planning our 10yr anniversary with a vow renewal at couples swept away nov 10-19 2011. im hoping someone might be able to answer some questions for me?

    -atrium suite or beachfront suite?
    ive narrowed it down to those 2, i know the no tv and dont care. im more interested in the room, balcony, bathroom (shower and sep bath??) and windows (screens or glass?)

    - nov weather?
    im not sure what time for the renewal either early morning (10-11 am) or sunset (4pm) i have seen posts about rain late day

    - split stays? just some feedback would be nice if you have done the same. i think san souci is just breathtaking and would love to spend some time there. would csa take care of my transfer to css? included? not sure. whats the travel time from csa to css?

    im sure im forgetting LOTS of things just too many running through my head! lol. oh, i will be asking friends and family to join us for the renewal. any suggestions on how to celebrate as a group while still giving our guests (and ourselves) some space would be greatly appreciated!

    I love this board! im glad im not the only person planning for nov 2011

    much thanks
    Danny and christine

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    Dave and I go to CSA every December and already have our trip booked to return Dec of 2011. We had our vows renewed last year. It was a wonderful experience that the staff made very simple. They have you make an appointment when you arrive at the resort. They ask you what you want included in the ceremony and your preferences for flowers, etc. The meeting lasts about 30 minutes and then they take care of the rest. They even come to your door to take you to the ceremony. We chose to have our renewal at the garden gazeebo. We watched several couples get married on the beach...just wanted a little more privacy.
    I would choose the beach front suite. I prefer the new rooms at the resort. We have stayed in the older section and the new addition. The room category that we prefer in the Ocean front verandah suite. I like that there are windows instead of screens. You can open the windows or the door if you want fresh air.
    We went to CSA and CN last year. I am glad that we visited both resorts. We took a cab to CSA from CN. The resorts are only a mile apart. I talked to a couple that did stay at CSA and CSS. I was told that it takes a couple hours to get from one resort to the other. She told me that it was most of the day by the time they traveled, got checked in, and situated. So, I would take that into consideration.
    Have a wonderful trip.

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    I forgot to answer the question about what time of day is the best for a vow renewal. It is my experience that the early vow renewals are the best. It gets more humid later in the day. I really enjoyed having the renewal early and then having the rest of the day to ourselves. It does usually rain later in the day for a short period of time.
    Once again, have a wonderful trip.

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    mbhines, thanks so much for the insight! i think i may be leaning more toward an afternoon time though. i have this idea of lunch with my female friends and my husband with the males, then going back to the room and getting ready and all meeting at the beach for the renewal. its a vision i cant seem to get out of my head. the sunset pictures would be nice too. oh, decisions decisions! lol
    thanks again

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    I am interested in a vow renewal for our 10 yr anniversary trip next to CTI. Do you have to pay for the renewal? If yes, how much and what's included?

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    spice505, in answer to your question, unlike the weddings you will have to pay a nominal fee for the vow renewals. on the main couples page click on weddings and follow the link for vow renewals. most of your questions can be answered on there or just give a call to the resort. congrats on the upcoming 10yr anniversary..maybe we may see you there!

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    I don't think either of those rooms have tubs. We have stayed in both and they were the same inside. They both had a walk in shower. Neither have glass either. That's one of the reasons we love them. We prefer the Atrium over the BFS by far. It is a lot more private and WAY quieter.

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    We renewed our vows for our 15 th. I chose 10 because it's beautiful, not really busy on the beach, and it was a little cooler than later in the day. I am sure that the way you envisioned will be perfect and you will enjoy it. I would choose the beachfront. On our last stay I chose to stay in the atrium suite. It was wonderful but I found myself wanting a beachfront suite. When I go back we will get a beachfront.

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