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    Default Weather in April??

    We've visited CN twice in mid March and had great weather. We are considering visiting in mid April 2015 and we were wondering if we can expect similar weather conditions. Is there a rainy season in a Negril ?


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    Rainy season is usually late April into May and June. We've been there many times all through April and always had great weather. Some years not a drop of rain over 10 days, other years, a brief shower later in the day. Typical Jamaica weather. Don't fret, everything will be okay.
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    We go every year mid-April (got married on the beach 4/20/13) and the weather is always wonderful. It DID monsoon on our wedding day! Of the five weddings that day, ours at 10:00am was the only one that could be held outdoors...all others for rained IN.

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    You can never say for sure. We have gone the first week of may for the last 3 years. The first time it rained 6 out of 7 days. A few days it rained all day long. The last few years we went for 10 days each and it only rained a few times and only for short periods. Either way you just make the best out of it. Like they say...No problem.

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