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    Default Nov. 30th till Dec. 9th

    1st time at a Couples resort. We are celebrating 20 years of marriage. Can't wait to be on the beach!

    Ken and Tracy (43 years old)

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    You've picked the perfect place for a celebration. We celebrated our 25th anniversary last year at CN....loved, loved, loved it!!! Only 64 days till we are home again.

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    20 Years is fantastic!! I'll buy you a round when you get there... We are there from Nov 26 till Dec 4.

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    See you at CSA, we are also first-timers.
    Arriving the 1st of december until 15th.
    Getting married there at the 7th of december!
    Oopps, thats just 3 months left :-)))

    See you soon!!!

    Greeting from germany, Kerstin
    Give everyday the chance, to get the best day in your life

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    Please join in on the December post. Mikemonica does a great job of keeping up to date on who is all there at the same time. You will enjoy CSA. We did a vow renewal for our 50th anniversary at CSA December of 2008. Larry and Judi

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    Spiff542, thanks! But wait, aren't the drinks free?
    Zazu, will do, thanks!
    Kerstin, congratulations, see you there.

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