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    Default Secret Rendevous-worth paying extra night we can't use?

    We are looking at the Secret Rendevous but we can not go for 5 nights. Wondering if it is worth it to book 5 nights even though we can only use 4 of them?

    We would arrive at Montego Bay airport at 11:20am so assume our room would be ready (or close to) upon arriving at the resort .
    And our flight back would be at 3pm so assume we would leave the resort at 11am or so, therefore we wouldn't benefit from having an "extra day" in the room that we are paying for but not sleeping in that night.

    Not sure whether to pass on the SR deal or not?

    I am new to this board and researching the resorts so not sure what other specials they occasionally offer.


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    Your room might not be ready that early. Ours wasn't ready until around 5 and we got there just before 11.

    I'm not sure how it works if you were to do that. They base your ride tot he airport on your flight but usually you are not paying for an extra day so I am not sure if that would mess things up. You might want to call them to see what they suggest and allow. Is it cheaper for you to book the SR rather than getting a specific room for fewer nights?

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    The SR price was $40 cheaper for the 5 nts vs. booking CTI for 4 nights.
    But not sure we will be ready to decide by today either.

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