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    Default Booking for 2012

    I guess this question is for Randymon: When will be able to book for 2012, specifically April 2012, and use the loveaway plan? I do hope it continues, it sure has hepled us afford our favorite vacation spot!
    Does anyone know?

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    Default 2012

    I called the reservations department last week. I was told that they will start booking 2012 at the beginning of 2011. I would have our trips booked to Couples for the next ten years (if they allowed it).

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    All you need to do is call the 1-800 number and they can book April 2012 for you. We booked November 2011 in October 2009. They had to do something special when booking it, but we were able to put it on the Love Away plan and book it WAY in advance. I will say, though that we ended up 're-booking' in April 2010 because of a better deal than October 2009. You can always start your own Love Away plan.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    As a very successful resort business, Couples seems to go the extra mile to accommodate almost every request (from what I've read here on the MB.) It's not good's GREAT business and what keeps it so popular amongst returning guests and attracts new ones. I'm sure it has to draw the line at times, but understandably so. It's wonderful to have the option of the Love-away plan. It shows commitment on the part of a prospective guest and flexibility on the part of Couples. It's definitely easier on the budget. I'm always tempted to use the savings on something else. This way I KNOW I'm going to Couples )) The fact that I can re-book during the pay-off time to take advantage of deals during the period I booked is also a bonus!

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