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    Hi all, first time posting on here but finding cause for concern. Am having a destination wedding at CTI On 12/11/2010 and feel like I have seen a lack of and quite frankly some disturbing information on what we thought to be our perfect location so I need your help!

    1) There seems to be no location information on this actual couples websire for wedding locations, for every other resort there are?

    2) sounds like the beach is in the middle of the resort and everything else going on and would provide little privacy for an actual ceremony?

    3) what on earth is going on with the beach BTW? What is the deal with the nasty green algae etc that people have been talking about?

    Very concerned future bride here who has never been out of the country and am bringing 25 guests along with me who are all staying at CTI on my behalf and really cannot afford for them to have a poor experience of the beach or wish they would have stayed somewhere else? HELP PLEASE!


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    Default Relax!



    This message board is full of glowing reviews by people who spend their hard earned money to go to CTI, come home and start saving to go again.

    Multiple choice question:

    The reason for the glowing reviews is:

    A) Because it is a really wonderful place.

    B) We are all evil people involved in a world wide conspiracy to cause brides to book algae infested weddings from hell.

    My wife and I were at CTI in July. Every morning the sea weed was "harvested" leaving a pristine beach all day long.

    During our week there, we saw several weddings on the main beach (in glancing). We never saw a bride being hit in the head by a volleyball, or a wedding dress being stained by sun screen squirted by someone laying on the beach.

    You will have your space on the beach, and you will be left alone. I was far more interested in my wife than any of the weddings going on. I'm sure that everyone else will be too busy paying attention to the one they love, that they won't be paying attention to your wedding.

    The nice thing is that it is a couples resort, for couples to get away and enjoy each other's company. Enjoy your wedding, it will be special. Meanwhile, everyone else will be enjoying their own special times together.

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    We have been at CTI since Saturday and have seen 2 weddings set up. One on the beach and one on the lawn at the far west end of the property. It doesn't seem private, but didn't really look like anything disturbed the ceremonies either. The beach is gorgeous. There is no nasty algae here now. Relax CTI is awesome!
    Live, from CTI
    Bonnie & Jon

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    Default CTI Questions

    I was just married at CTI in June. I understand all your concerns however don't be worried as the reason you prob booked a destination wedding was so you didn't have the typical stress of a big huge church wedding!! You do need to reserve the day & time you want to get married ahead of time. You can do this online if you haven't done so already. As far as location we picked the beach & yes it is a small beach. There will be people around watching & wishing you best wishes. The wedding location for the cermony is in the middle of everything & there's not a lot you can do about it but it really wasn't that bad as you are only on the beach for a few mins then we moved to the garden area & had our cake & signed all the paperwork. It is more secluded there & you do have your option of having your cermony there.
    The photographer does a very good job of not getting all the "other" things in the pictures.
    I am so glad that I chose this as my location to get married as everything turned out perfect!! I really don't think you will be disappointed. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them for you.

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    Hi Amanda, your travel agent should be able to answer all your questions. I myself visited CTI and I can tell you it is as BEAUTIFUL as the pictures show. I specialize in destination weddings, and I can tell you, the majority of all inclusive resorts have the wedding locations in public places. Either on a patio off the pool, a public beach, or a gazibo, either way, it's a resort and other people will be around. But don't worry. Your cerimony will be WONDERFUL, and the rest of the people on the resort will watch the romance... from a distance.

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    We just got back from CTI ( and miss it terribly) after renewing our vows on the beach. At 4pm, there weren't many people around, although there usually is a volleyball game at that time. I wouldn't say its private, as onlookers may watch and cheer, but it really didn't bother us. Now there was a huge wedding on the lawn to the south of the swimup bar. That area is more private, and just as beautiful. If you have 25 guests, they will probably insulate you from the rest of the guests anyway.

    While we were there, everything was gorgeous. They did a great job with flowers, hair, cake. We were anxious regarding the photography, and being a vow renewal, didn't need anything fancy, so we went with Nicolas at the resort. He did a great job and the pix turned out great. But the album was not as fancy as our wedding album, nor did it need to be. Our "reception" was in the garden area which was very, very private.

    The beach was in great shape, so no need to worry about that either. Go, relax and enjoy! Best of luck on your wedding day!

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    We actually attended a wedding in January and I would be more than happy to share some pictures if you e-mail me at

    The beach is not as big as Negril, but they hold the ceremony in a place where no one will bother you and the backdrop of Tower isle is stunning in the photographs. Also the algae/seaweed gets buried by the staff every morning and will not be an issue. There is also a lovely grassy area over by the poolside bar overlooking the ocean that the couple who's wedding we went to, had their cake set up at. The grounds of this place are nothing short of perfect. We have been to both Negril and CTI and love them both. The staff is going to go above and beyond not only on your wedding day, but from the moment you step off the bus.

    My husband and I got married in Hawaii before we discovered Couples but we always talk about renewing our vows at Couples. I promise you it will be amazing and you have nothing to worry about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ct ti fan View Post
    We were anxious regarding the photography, and being a vow renewal, didn't need anything fancy, so we went with Nicolas at the resort. He did a great job and the pix turned out great.
    We were happy with Nicolas too. Just a 1/2 hour photo shoot, but I have one of the photos framed and sitting on my desk at works. Makes me smile every time I look at it.

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    Default we too

    hey there - we're getting married that same day too at CTI.
    what time is your wedding? Good question BTW, I have been wondering the same thing

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