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    Default Secret Rendezvous and Romance Reward Q's

    For Romance Rewards, we are currently at the Passionate Love level. Our last trip to Couples was for 8 nights in March 2010 and are considering taking advantage of the current secret rendezvous special and staying for another 8 nights before the end of 2010. I have a couples questions that I am hoping Randymon or other knowledgeable members could answer.

    First, I understand that we will receive our passionate level perks during the S.R. vacation, but do the S.R. nights generally qualify as Nights Stayed to meet the Romance Rewards requirements?

    Second, I am a little confused on the Romance rewards requirement for maintaining your current level. Here is the paragraph from the Romance Rewards conditions...

    "Romance Rewards benefit levels are maintained provided member stays at a participating Couples Resort at least 7 nights during the course of five consecutive calendar years. Failure to stay at least 7 nights during the course of five consecutive calendar years will result in member account being dropped to the next lower level. All member benefits will expire if there is no activity within five calendar years."

    Does this mean that you need to stay at least 7 nights each consecutive calendar year to maintain your level, or does it mean that you need to stay at least 7 days once over the span of 5 consecutive years to maintain your level? So, for instance, if I stayed twice in 2010 for a total of 16 nights but did not stay again until 2012, would I lose my Passionate Love level?

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    I, too, have that question. I'm bumping this up in hopes that someone can answer. you might try the "contact me" and email your question. Let us all know if you get a response.

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    I am not sure about your first question, but I hope they do as we just booked a SR trip.

    As for your second question, you maintain your reward level for five years as long as you visit a Couples resort for at least 7 nights during that 5 year period. You do not have to visit each and every year. It used to be a three year grace period, but they raised it to five years a number of months ago.

    Now, I guess the next question is, do the seven nights need to be consecutive or can they be 3 nights in year 2 and 4 nights in year 4 (for example)? I don't think the 7 nights need to be consecutive, but I wouldn't mind some clarification from either Randy (Randymon) or Sean (Seandymon).
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    The way I read that is that you need to stay at least a total of 7 days over the course of 5 yrs. Not that you had to stay 7 days every time. I wouldn't swear to that, but that is my interpretation. If after 5 yrs, you have not stayed a total of 7 days you would drop down.

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    Not speaking with any authority here but it looks to me you could stay 3 days in 10, 4 days in 11 and be good until 2014 or so.

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