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    Default I couldn't hold it any longer....

    I told my husband where we're going for his birthday in May...back home to CSA!!! He was say the least!!! His only complaint was that we're going for 5 days instead of 7 but he's quickly got over that once he started thinking about the wonderful time we had Oct 2008. He started talking about all the activities he wanted to do (he's not the sit on the beach type..which is one of the main reason we decided to get married at CSA). We both can't wait to get back 'home'. We'll be there May 5-10...but will also be making our deposit for Oct 2011 to celebrate our anniversary!!!

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    Hi r&cford,

    We have never been but, we are so excited about going. We aren't going until 09/2011 for our 10-yr. anniversary. That seems to be a long time from now. I am about to burst at the seams. My husband & I can not wait until we can go. Since u and your husband have been before, I know he can't wait. I know we r going to have the best time ever. We too can not wait to go to the Couples Resort.

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    We are also planning to go to CSA in Sept. 2011 to celebrate our 20th anniversary! Not quite sure when to book, though.....

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