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    Default Reservations needed for Patois now!?!?

    I read this on the main board can anyone validate it? That would be a bummer.
    Erika & Sean

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    Randymon posted about a week ago that this is probably only a temporary measure during the off-season. I remember that they did this a year or two ago, too. So I would expect that they will require reservations until December when the occupancy rates start picking up.

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    We were at CSA from 8/15/10 to 8/23/10. Reservations for Patois were not necessary during our stay, however we got a note in a our room that they would be required beginning 8/25 (I think...we were leaving, so didn't pay much attention to exact date). And BobandJudy are correct, Randy posted this would be a temporary measure during the low occupancy period.

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    Well we are going in April, when we were there this april we didn't need them
    Erika & Sean

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