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    Hello! I am planning a surprise vacation for my husbands graduation present to Couples Tower Isle in November. This will be our first trip to Jamaica and I have a question about the commute from the airport to the Resort. I understand it is about an hour and a half-two hour drive, and that doesnt bother me; what I am concerned about is the terrain. My husband gets vertico really bad when we drive through the mountains, he gets very sick. I was wondering if it was a "rough" drive to and from the airport (i.e. mountains, cliffs, road conditions, aggresive driving, road blocks?). Also, is it all highway or back roads? Anyone who has been there and can help me get a clear picture about this would REALLY help me out. Everything else I have read has totally sold me on this resort, however, given how sick (and anxious) he does get and the fact it is a surprise vacation, I certainly feel obligated to know what we could be in for. This honestly will be a deal breaker. Thank you.

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    Default Not a bad ride

    I understand the ride from the airport to the resort used to be really bad. But we were there last year and they had completed the "new road". There is a bit of aggressive driving, and you do go up some hills, but I don't really recall anything major. The road is nice and smooth. Can your husband take dramamine? He may not need any, but he could take one when you land just in case. Hope you have a great time. We are leaving in 3 days to go back.

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    Default not a deal breaker!

    I too can get very carsick when driving through mountains. I do not suffer from vertigo, but I was concerned about the ride. It is a winding road in places and certainly there are climbs and drops but not as much as with roads in the mountains of Colorado or northern New Mexico, in my experience, and it is a good, smooth road. The driving depends on the driver but overall I would say it is on the aggressive side compared to what you see most places I have been in the U.S. I did not get carsick from MoBay to CSS, but I also was able to sit in the first row and look out the front window which helps me a lot. There is also the option of a flight from MoBay with TimAir if that works better for him. I obviously cannot speak for your man, but a little carsickness...heck, a lot of carsickness is a minor inconvenience for the amazingness that awaits at a Couple's Resort...go for it and surprise him!

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    Thank you so much for your responses! I certainly feel better knowing that it is a "newer" smooth ride. He was in a bad car wreck in Arizona in the mountains, ever since, we avoid them when possible. Im So glad that it is not as bad as I imagined it to be! I will make sure we take dramamine (good suggestion) just in case. I am looking forward to going to Couples and will certainly post our experience and pictures. Thanks again!

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    It's not like an interstate, but it is a very good highway, better than many of the older highways in the US Highway system. As you land on the north coast, and are going to a resort on the north coast, you won't be crossing the blue mountains.

    The trip is even broken up, in that there is one stop on the way.

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    The drive to Ocho Rios is much better then the drive to Negril in my opinion. the road is fairly new. see if he can sit upfront with the driver and he will fair better.
    Shannon, three days! I was just thinking one more week of work! See you soon.

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    Maybe consider TIMS. A 20-30 minute flight verse a 2 hour drive might be worth it.

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    I suffer from motion sickness and never take a chance when flying or going for a long drive. I wear sea bands. They can be purchased at most drug or luggage stores. They look like sweat bands but have a "button" on the underside which you position on a certain pressure point on the inside of your wrist. It works wonderfully. I heard a doctor on TV recommend this product for women suffering from morning sickness, but they are often worn on cruises too.

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