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    Default 2 couples massages?

    I'm getting married in Turks and Caicos in June of next year, and two days after the ceremony we are headed to our home at Couples Negril. Since we are at the Passionate rewards level there is a couples massage that comes with it, and looking at the website it appears there is also one that comes with being on your honeymoon! So do we get to enjoy two massages or is it a one per trip type of thing?

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    I would think that you would get the two massages.
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    We got certificates for massages for two separate things too when we were there last. One was for our honeymoon and one was for our rewards membership I think. I don't remember what the second one was for but either way we did get two sets of massages. If you do not get the vouchers when you check in you can just remind them about it because you should be getting both. I had the same question so I emailed someone about it before we arrived. You can't combine them into an hour massage but you can upgrade one of the half hours into an hour or both into two separate hours.

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