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    Default When does the pool close at CSA?

    Specifically, the pool with the swim up bar? Kind of a silly question, I know, but I'm curious )

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    I think the only time it is officially closed is when they clean them. Usually early morning while most people are eating breakfast or sleeping. I have read of folks being in the pools at all hours and not having anyone tell them to vacate. I know the jacuzzis are used all hours of the night.

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    Too early in my opinion!

    I think it closes at 6....
    Erika & Sean

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    The swim up bar closes at either 5 or 6 but the pool stays open.

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    It doesn't really close unless they have to clean it. We used the pool each night with no problem. The bar closes early though before dinner. Probably to keep noise down for guests eating at Patois. I wish I stayed open later.

    We brought our drinks from the room to the pool at night.

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    The pool with the swim up bar basically does not close.(It does close when they are treating it with chemicals),but the swim up bar closes by 6 PM

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    I think around 6:00pm.

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    DH is a little bummed the bar closes so early, but I think he'll survive, with so many other options ) Thanks!

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    The Patois bar is open and it's right next to the pool, so you can always walk over there and grab a beverage.

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