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    Default Couples Secret Rendezvous

    My husband and I just booked the "Couples Secret Rendezvous" December 4th through the 9th? We are so excited we can hardly stand it! We have done El Dorado in Mexico, and are very excited to try Jamaica.

    Anyone done the Secret Rendevous in the past? What sort of room do you get? Did you have the option to upgrade? Is there alcohol in all the rooms? What is the Couples Lounge like at the airport? We booked for 5 short days, what are the must do's?]

    Much appreciated!

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    WE booked the SR for December 6-11. Be interesting to see if we go to the same resort. We have been to San Souci and Tower Isle and loved both of them, and have read great things on Negril and Swept Away, so decided we cant't lose.

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    Steve & Joanne, we missed you guys at CSS this year. Mandy & I hope you guys are doing well. Have a great time on your upcoming trip. 290 days and counting until we return next July.
    Jeff (Mandynjeff)

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    We booked SR for November 22nd for 8 days. We have been to CN 6 times and would love CTI or CSS, but will be happy with whatever we get. Just 10 weeks to go.

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    Hey Jeff and Mandy. We missed being there with you guys in July. Didn't think we were going to make it to the island at all this year, but finally figured out a time and flight. Maybe we can join you all next year.

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    We did SR in March 2009 and got CSS (CTI was not open at the time). I don't recall being offered an upgrade at check in but we did not need it the room was wonderful. There is alcohol in the room including the mini-bar.

    We again booked SR in mid November.

    The airport lounge has a bar, some seats, and rest rooms. You can get a quick drink(s) before your bus ride to the resort.

    Must do's would be all of the included excursions.

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    Hey All,
    I notice that everyone should just about have paid their las invoices. . . any updates? Looks like hubby and I will be staying at CTI Dec 1 - 10th!

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    just curious, did everyone that already found out where they are staying book directly through Couples or use a TA?
    We made our final payment a little over a week ago, buty used a Couples recommended TA.
    Can hardly wait.

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    Hi Denkim,
    We booked directly through the Couples website, and they sent a final payment reminder email which showed a Couples Tower Isle header - the first invoice email had a header that said "Secret Rendezvous at Couples Resorts". This is the first time I have booked SR, so I am going on what other people on this board have mentioned about the final invoice being a hint as to which resort you will be staying at. I have also read that it's possible the resort still might change, but I guess I'll have to wait to find out for sure!

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