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    Just wondering if it is customary to tip travel agents?

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    There is no need to tip a travel agent. They earn a commission on your purchase. If it's an agent you use often, you might want to bring them back a small trinket from the trip.

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    While I would love to say yes, I have to let you know it is not customary, the best tip you can give us is returning the next time you travel and letting all your friends and family know what a great agent you have.

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    You can tip them by recommending them to your friends and coworkers.

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    We always bring ours a bottle of Appleton Rum and a trinket of some kind from a beach vendor.
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    Thanks for the info. We give our travel agent headaches every time we travel. My wife can never make up her mind. I have recommended our TA to other people and my daughter has used them for their honeymoon.

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