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    Default CN in July - Upgrades?

    Hi, everyone!

    This message board is amazing. So helpful, with so much info!

    I'm planning a honeymoon to CN in July 2011. We couldn't be more excited (fiance's never been out of the USA--what better place to start than Negril?!).

    I've read the debates about suites vs. deluxe rooms at CN, but I've also heard some murmuring about upgrades for honeymooners. Is CN busy and crowded during July? Do you think we might get a free upgrade? I got the sense that, when they're less busy, upgrades are more likely. I feel like, if we're going to book a deluxe room, we might as well book the cheapest, since it seems like there's not a ton of difference between views, but the spacious suites really appeal to me. Anyone have any experience of getting an upgrade from garden deluxe all the way up to a suite?

    So, basically, how crowded will it be (I'm generally curious about this, separate from the upgrade question), and do you think there's any chance of getting an upgrade? Any advice?

    Thanks! Cannot WAIT!

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    We've been to CN in July. I have no idea at what capacity they were running, never felt crowded. I don't think you should bank on an upgrade. If it happens it's a lovely surprise. We're repeaters and have never had one. We always book the room we really want so we're not disappointed. (Not that you really could be disappointed at Couples, though.)

    Great choice for your honeymoon, btw! Congratulations!!!!

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    Please do not get your hopes up and I don't think they have ever bumped up anybody from a gardenview to a suite. We have been there six times and have never had an upgrade. We have asked for a certain building and if it is available, they will give it to us.Just go with the attitude that I am staying in an awesome place and it will all be good! We go every July and the resort doesn't seem crowded. We will go back again next year too. The weather and the water are usually great. You are in for the time of your life!

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    I don't know where you've heard these murmurings regarding free upgrades for honeymooners, but those murmurings are untrue. Right now, free upgrades are offered IF AVAILABLE to returning guests who are at the Passionate Love level of Couples' loyalty program, Romance Rewards. Couples plans to discontinue this perk, however, because the resorts are rarely able to provide it. That is, the resorts are generally so fully booked that it is rarely possible to offer free upgrades to loyal guests.

    When upgrades are offered, it's generally a one category upgrade. To upgrade from a garden room to a garden suite would be a three category upgrade (and BTW, there are only 6 garden suites). We've been to Couples 18 times and CN 14 times; we've NEVER received an upgrade. So what chance do you have of getting a free upgrade from a garden room to a garden suite: very little to none. If you want a suite, book a suite, but if you're going to book the cheapest room category, don't plan on being placed in one of the most expensive rooms.
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    Great, thanks so much for your help. I was also suspicious of the messages I saw about upgrades for honeymooners too, since I only saw one or two posts where someone said they'd had that experience, or where they advised others that they might get an upgrade. And, of course, there are many more posts stating that upgrades simply don't happen, which is just fine, but I'm happy to hear for sure from so many CN experts!

    I think we'll go for a suite. It's our honeymoon, after all!

    Thanks again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gracie611 View Post
    . . . . I saw one or two posts where someone said they'd had [received an upgrade] . . . .
    Sometimes people say that they've received an upgrade when, in fact, they received exactly what they booked. For example, someone on the MB reported booking a garden suite at CN but being upgraded to an oceanview suite in Building 8. Well, there are no oceanview suites; the three suites in Building 8 are garden suites. The poster thought that the fact that she could see the ocean a bit from her balcony meant that she had been upgraded, when she'd simply received the room category she booked.
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