Let me start by saying....we LOVE Couples.....specifically, Couples Negril! We had an opportunity to visit Jamaica twice this year, so we decided we would try another Couples. After looking at all of the information we could find on this message board, and asking questions of many regulars, we decided that we would give CTI a try also!

First of all, let me say, the renovations are stunning! The resort itself is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! We arrived a little later in the day than we had expected due to weather delays, but after a brief 10 minutes in the lobby we were taken up to our room. We had decided on a Premiere Ocean Room, which was lovely, however I was originally not very fond of the location. We were on the second floor just above the lobby and right off the elevators. I had concerns about noise due to the location, but because nothing else in our category (or higher)was available, we decided to stay put. Things ended up working out, as there was little to no noise! ;-}

The food....well, it was good. Certainly better than any other brand of all-inclusive we have been to, but not CN standards. The buffets were very small compared to what we have become accustomed to; the salad bar was VERY small. We were there celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary, and decided we would do a private beach dinner to celebrate. I would recommend the beach dinner to anyone that has a special event that they are celebrating. The food for the beach dinner was the best meal we have ever had at any Couples! (This was our 6th trip.)

The activities....we chose not to do any of the off site excursions. We have never done the off site excursions at CN and have never once been bored. Unfortunately, this was not the case at CTI. The event staff at CN has always participated with the guests throughout the day (pool bingo, volleyball, beach ring toss, etc....) and we have always learned the names of all the event staff. I could not tell you one name of anyone on the event staff at CTI. They truly were not around during the day. One day we did decide to do the trading places to CSS and that day, the event staff there were very involved. (Maybe this is not something that appeals to the usual CTI guests?) We noticed that things were winding down nightly around 10:30, we prefer to be up a little later, but can certainly see why this resort calls to people who like to turn in early.

The staff......while we were there, we didn't really get to know the staff as well as at CN. It felt like we had to go out of our way talk to them. They were friendly, don't get me wrong, just not as outgoing as what we are use to.

Overall, we had a good time, we made our own fun. CTI is a very beautiful resort, just not for us! We will however continue to be loyal to Couples and return to CN! If nothing else, it confirmed to me that CN (my original Couples pick) was the right choice for us! Unfortunately we ran into several guests during our stay that had never before stayed at a Couples resort, and I fear that they never will again (they had many of the same feelings and concerns that we did). We tried to convince them that all of the Couples resorts were different in their own way, and they should at least give another one a shot.