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    Default CSA shuttle or private car?

    We are going to CSA in early November. We are trying to decide whether to use the hotel shuttle or pay for a private car (we know of someone there we could get to drive us for $75) to bring us from the airport to the hotel.

    How long do you have to wait for the shuttle? Do they wait for multiple flights to arrive? Do they stop at Couples Negril on the way to SA? How many other stops? I have been to other resorts in Jamaica and have had to wait a long time for the bus/shuttle to depart the airport....trying to avoid that this time.

    Is it worth paying the extra $75 to get our own private driver?

    THANKS! Can't wait to be there!!!

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    I would say it is probably not worth the expense. The CSA/CN bound shuttles are leaving the airport about every 20-30 minutes. We have never had to wait more than about 15-20 minutes to depart the airport to CSA. The drive time will be pretty much the same in either case. As for getting back to the airport on departure day; again it probably does not make much difference as far as timing the drive. You still have to make the trip and get to the airport a couple hours before your plane is scheduled to depart. The shuttle service is quite efficient and there is very little wasted time in either direction. By the way, the drive is about an hour or so and will give you a chance to see some of Jamaica outside the resort. In addition some of the drivers are quite entertaining and will narrate the trip with some interesting facts about Jamaica and her people. I recommend taking the shuttle.

    Have a great trip, you will love CSA!

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    It's not worth the money IMO.The most we have had to wait for the shuttle is 20 minutes and you wait in the Couples lounge with a cold Red Stripe. Most likely you will meet some cool people on the bus. The driver will stop halfway if you want for a potty and beer stop.We tip the driver 10 dollars pp and we sit back and enjoy the sights.Booked for trip #4 in April.

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    They do wait for a few flights to arrive but they come in so frequently that you don't end up waiting very long. I had enough time to use the restroom, change into shirts and grab a drink to go. They do stop at CN which I sort of liked because I could see a little of it from the bus. The wait there is only a few minutes as they unload the suitcases. No big deal.

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    WE waited about 10 minutes for the shuttle and it does stop at CN if needed,but only for as long as it takes to drop off the guests,barely 5 min. and then you are on your way. The driver will make a quick stop at a local market if most of the people want,we had 3 other couples in the shuttle we took and all decided to pass on the pit stop.. I would take the shuttle going to the resort as the driver is like a tour guide ,pointing out local sites and sharing info about the area. Now returning to the airport if you use a private car you may have a couple more hours at the resort. Enjoy CSA it is amazing.

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    Shuttle vote from us... In February I think the wait was so short that I think I only had 2 Red Stripes!! That is about 10 mins! It's also good to meet other people who have the good taste to be going to CSA

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    Thanks, everyone! I think we'll stick with the shuttle! Can't wait - 6 more weeks!!

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