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    Default CTI newbie - Any help/comments/suggestions would be welcome

    Hello to you all

    We are heading to CTI in 15 days and will be staying there for 2 weeks!!, it's our first time to Couples let alone the Carribean and are really looking forward to it, it's been a year since we last had a holiday and are looking forward to unwind.

    We're heading there with friends - another couple and arrive Monday 27th Sept although not til around 8pm (long long flight from the UK) - so the beach party will be happening when we arrive.

    We are staying in a garden view apartment.

    So any hints/tips/must do's/must take?
    How bad are the bugs? What's the weather like at this time - I'm the typical british red head, fair skinned - who can burn in Scotland in March!! What's the nightlife like? we are not party animals but do enjoy company and a laugh.

    The island sounds fab but not for us.

    Do you recommend hiring a driver for the day and heading out to see the Island?

    so really any help/advice appreciated

    Many thanks

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    We just returned from CTI and had a wonderful time. I miss it so much already.

    Some of the things we enjoyed were the cat cruise, snorkeling, glass bottom boat, and of course the beautiful beach. We also went out on the hobie cat with Kenroy, which was great fun!

    It is rather hot and humid, so prepare to dress lite. I too have fair skin, and sat out all day everyday in the shade with a hat and lots of sunscreen. We also take bugspray/deet to use when going out at night.

    It is a very beautiful place so be sure to take a camera. You may want to take an underwater/waterproof camera as well.

    You are in for a treat! Have fun!

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    We are also heading down to CTI in 26 days from the uk..... Although we have never been to CTI before we spent 2 weeks at CN In 2007 on our honeymoon...

    I packed far too much stuff the last time....You spend most days in your swim suit and really only need a few things for cover up during the day....Make sure you take a few swim suits as they take ages to dry on the balcony....with the humidity.....

    You will have an amazing time...We can only manage a week this time...but even with the long flight it will be so worth it..

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    Thanks for the replies - We're really looking forward to it, we are now doing the 13 days dance til holidays!!!

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    Hello splack,
    We will be at CTI 9/25-10/1 and would love to raise a pint (or martini)with someone from the UK. Check out the "meet up at couples" tab at the top of the page. There is a thread for CTI-9/25-10/1 that has a list of who will be there when you are there. It is less than 2 weeks away for us and should be a great time. See you there !

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    Hi Splack,
    We will be at CTI from 9/25-10/1 and would love to raise a pint (or a Martini) with people the UK. If you go to the "Meet up at Couples" tab on top of the page you'll find a thread titled CTI- 9/25-10/1. It has a list of people who will be there when you are there. With less than two weeks to go we are pretty excited. See you there.

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    The nightlife is more laid back. The sun sets around 6:00 so we generally had dinner about 7:00. Nothing much starts until 9:00 or 10:00. If you can't make the beach party this week, be sure and make it next Monday because it's a lot of fun. Personally, I wouldn't hire a private driver and leave the resort. I would only go on the resort sponsored trips because the Jamaicans off the resort can be very aggressive and pushy when it comes to selling their "crafts". We also overpacked. Bathing suits all day, sundresses at night and an outfit or two for during the day if you're leaving the resort. Everything else is not necessary. I'll take half as much next time. If you are fair skinned bring lots of sunscreen. You will have a wonderful time.

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