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    Thinking of arriving two nights early and spending some time on West End. Staying at CN for 8 days (Feb-2011) and I know the room would not be ready by 11 am, but would we be able to arrive at that time and use resort for Lunch and lounging at beach.


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    If you arrive early on your check in day, they will store your luggage and you can use all the hotels facilities and restaurants.
    Great idea!

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    They will provide a secure place for your luggage, and you will be able to access it all day. They will also provide a private safe for your valuables and beach towels for you. You will have full run of the resort and you can even reserve the Cat Cruise and dinner at the Otaheite without a room number. Just give them your name and promise to get them your room number when you get one.
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    The secure place that was provided for our luggage was the front steps where anyone could (and did!!!) get into it. I asked if there was somewhere else we could move our luggage to and they said it would be fine where it was. We had just come from our first wedding and had all of our stuff with us since we were having the second one at the resort. My wedding dress sat in the sun for over 5 hours which is very bad. The wedding dress was hanging on a cart in the driveway on the other side of cars which made me really nervous. Nobody was watching it at all and it wasn't even visible half the time. Our suitcases were scattered all over in the middle of the steps. Our bags with the cameras and laptop had to stay with us because there was nowhere safe to put them. Thank goodness we did take them with us! I went back to get something out of a suitcase and found a guy rummaging around inside my bag. He said he thought it was his. My bag is very distinctive. There is no way anyone else thought it was theirs. Even after that they would not move our luggage so we sat there for the rest of the time and waited for our room to be ready. We finally did get a room and then went to dinner. The whole thing was a disaster for all sorts of reasons other than just the bags. By the time we got to the resort we had been awake and traveling for over a day and a half so all I wanted was to take a shower and lay down. I don't think everyone has this trouble but I would not leave my bags sitting out again. You just never know who else is at the resort and the people there take breaks, change shifts etc so they don't know who owns which bags. The guy who was taking things out of my bags was right next to an employee. I am sure he assumed that guy was doing nothing wrong because he had never even seen us. From now on we are going to arrive later in the day if possible.

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    I travel for a living, and most hotels provide storage for your luggage, either if you arrive early or leave late. Sometimes there is a separate, locked storage room, sometimes there is not. CSA does tend to leave the luggage near the front steps until it can be delivered to your room. No luggage is unique, so there is always the chance that someone will confuse your luggage for theirs. Never, ever leave anything of value in unattended luggage, that goes for anywhere. We've arrived at CSA an hour or so before our room has been ready, and have never had any problems getting lunch and having a drink before checking into our room. Just bring anything of value with you. And if there's something too big to bring with you, then perhaps you could ask for it to be kept with the concierge.

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    They put ours in the office.
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