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    Default Couples Negril or Swept Away???

    My wife and I are planning on spending 10 or 11 days to celebrate my 50th birthday in March, and have decided on either one of these resorts. We have never stayed at a Couples before, so I need some help deciding on which one. Need some experts advice please!! Thanks in advance.

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    11 days? Stay 6 at one and 5 at the other.

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    We love, love, love CN, but if I had 11 days, I would think about splitting between the two. Just so I could see how CSA compared.

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    Default CN and CSA

    Hi Artie,

    IACouple has a great idea - definitely do a split stay. We've done that between CN and CSA a few times, and it's like have two, two, two vacations in one!

    Start at CN for 6 days. This resort will get you into the island vibe - very relaxed, laid back. The rooms are clean, colorful, and you're never more than a few steps from the beach.

    Then, transfer to CSA for the last half of your trip. You'll experience a different, though equally enjoyable resort. CSA's rooms are stunning, with the crisp white linens.

    The beaches are just enough different so it's a new adventure, yet you will still enjoy the Couples amenities and service. CN's beach is shorter, and the surf is very smooth. CSA has just a bit more surf, and you can walk forever along the beach (or not...) They both have lots of shade on the beach, and the watersports are equally fun.

    The spas are different - I like the air conditioning at CSA, but you can't beat a treehouse massage at CN!

    That way, you'll never get tired of the food at either resort, and you'll always have the little surprise around each turn - at both resorts.

    The transfer takes less than an hour, beach to beach. The resorts are only 10 minutes away from each other. We just throw our stuff in our suitcases (no worry about airport baggage handlers!), and we wear our suits and coverups, so we're ready to get back on the sand.

    Our favorite - the one we're at!



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    Great idea people! I will talk with my TA and see if they can arrange that.

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    Split it most definetly.

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    Been to both, love both,do both. We prefer CN but that is probably because that is the first Couples we visited. You can't lose either way.

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    If you do a split trip and sign up for Romance Rewards before your trip, you will be considered returning/repeat guests at the second resort and will be entitled to receive RR perks for returning guests.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Default split and enjoy romance rewards

    I read on another post if you split, you could be considered a repeater at the second resort, get a free half hour couples massage, and invited to repeaters dinner.

    That being said on our last 10 day visit to CN I had every intention of getting over to Long Bay and CSA but it just didnt happen. Was having way to much fun at CN to leave. I also didnt like the idea of repacking half way thru vacation to move.

    If you were decide on one resort determine what you really want,if its:
    a great fitness center- CSA,
    best pool -CN,
    AN experience then CN only
    compact resort, less walking- CN
    longer beach walk and off resort bars CSA

    Food, service and accomodations and ocean are probably a tie but everyone has a favorite.

    Have fun both are great choices and you wont go wrong with either.

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