5 Reasons Couples Should Be Your Next All-Inclusive Jamaica Vacation

The Couples Resort brand offers stunning properties with relaxing views of the beaches Jamaica is known for, delicious dining options, and rooms full of comfort and romance. Couples Resorts offers perfection for couples of any age looking to escape to rekindle the love, or ignite a flame – and how can you say no to romantic dining or a long walk on the beach when it’s along the white sands of Seven Mile Beach or on the breezy coast of Ocho Rios? Below we highlight five types of couples that Couples Resorts caters to:

1. The couple looking for a different all-inclusive

If you and yours are looking for a relaxing beach vacation – where the pina coladas flow, the sunsets are as exciting as the excursions, and the pool and beach are always inviting – but need something a bit more, a visit to one of the four Jamaica Couples properties is the answer. Look beyond the all-inclusive promise and experience a vacation that covers it all! At Couples Resorts, tipping isn’t allowed: meaning you can stash your wallet in the hotel safe and not worry about having money on hand during your vacation. The four resorts run on a profit-sharing plan, meaning that all employees are paid evenly, so the background staff aren’t missing out on tips the maids might normally receive.

Couples Sans Souci, in Ocho Rios, offers a vacation that can’t be rivaled: enjoy both the mountainside and the calm shores along Jamaica’s north coast, here. Built into the mountainside, nothing but pure relaxation is experienced at CSS. Walk the shaded pathways and staircases between one of three beaches, the spa cabanas that look out over the glistening blue waters, and your room which is surrounded by lush vegetation for a vacation that is truly a tropical paradise.

2. The honeymooner

What better spot to honeymoon than somewhere that celebrates all things love? Jamaica’s “one love” philosophy shows through the romantic atmosphere at Couples Resorts from the famous beaches in Negril at Couples Swept Away to the private au naturel island offering guests something different at Couples Tower Isle. Here, you’ll be able to celebrate your new spouse and relax after your wedding day on a Jamaican honeymoon. Jamaica is known for its “all right” ideology and laid back attitude to almost everything and that is reflected in the laid back afternoons spent at Couples. You’re on vacation, so kick back, relax, and enjoy all the amenities and services that Couples Resorts offers (don’t forget Couples’ Romance packages to truly get pampered.)

3. The couple needing to re-connect

There’s no better place to recharge and rejuvenate, or spend quality time with your honey, than on vacation. Couples needing to bring sparks back to the bedroom, or climb up the romance scale will find the time in Jamaica: island time means you pick what you want to do, and you work on your own schedule. Leave the kids behind and focus on love during a week (or more!) here: Couples Resorts is luxury done right. Whether you’re looking for quiet time enjoying the spa and being pampered or floating just off shore, or looking to get your heart racing with a scuba diving excursion or organized beach dance lesson, Couples has a plethora of daily activities for every type of couple. Activities like yoga, romantic beach dinners, and in-suite Jacuzzis will allow you to focus on each other and get back to the basics of love, while resort activities and organized excursions will have you laughing and enjoying each other’s’ company without everyday stress in the back of your mind. You’ll leave Jamaica feeling more relaxed, more connected, and more in love than when you came.

4. The couple looking to spice things up

Get comfortable and get back to the bare bones of love at three of the four Couples Resorts offering au naturel sunbathing – a secluded beach at Couples Sans Souci and Couples Negril, and a private au naturel island at Couples Tower Isle. The private areas offered mean you can be comfortable with yourself and your partner without the distractions, noise, or attention of other vacation-goers on the main beaches. Topless sunbathing is also allowed in designated beach areas at all four resorts, including the main beach at Couples Swept Away, Couples Negril, and Couples Sans Souci, and on the pier at Couples Tower Isle. For the couple looking to spice things up that isn’t yet comfortable baring it all, opt for the private romantic sunset cruise offered at Couples Tower Isle, Couples Negril, or Couples Swept Away, or dive into the relaxing mineral water pools at Couples Sans Souci and truly let yourself go and relax.

5. The couple looking to celebrate “just because”

A special occasion or anniversary isn’t needed to enjoy all that Couples Resorts offers and the relaxation along Jamaica’s shores that come with choosing a vacation here. Luxury, romance, and value are blended here to make an all-inclusive Jamaica vacation like no other. All four resorts play off of the area’s natural beautiful, lush vegetation and surroundings, and beautiful beaches making your vacation not only full of pampering, but also beautiful. Couples promotes one-on-one experiences for anyone in love, meaning you’ll be fully immersed in a romantic atmosphere from the minute you receive a warm Jamaican welcome to your new home away from home.

Couples Resorts is all about passion: you’ll see the passion of resort staff as they welcome and serve you, and your own is reignited. Now it’s your turn to tell us: is Couples right for you?

Laura Cooper is a travel blogger with tripcentral.catripcentral.ca is a Canadian travel agency specializing in all-inclusive vacations, tours, cruises, and more.

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