A Couples Tower Isle Wedding to Remember

Hi Couples family,

I was forwarded some wedding photos a few weeks ago from the most spectacular island wedding at Couples Tower Isle. As I sorted through the incredible photography it was apprent this couple's love story was special, which exuded romance throughout every photo. I got to interview the lovely couple Johnnie and Diron, and invite you to learn more about them and their truly magical wedding at CTI.

Carrie: So, how did you two meet?

DironWe met ten years ago and we had an amicable working relationship but after  about three dates, we both wanted to spend as much time with each other as possible. We fell in love with each other's flaws and we accept each other's imperfections.  

Carrie: How did you choose Couples Resorts for your destination wedding?

Diron: At first we thought it was impossible to find a resort which would accommodate our wishes for our dream wedding: romantic and private, while allowing us to customize our wedding package. We found our private island with an intimate setting at Couples Tower Isle. Along with the flexibility and professionalism of their on-site wedding planner, Jillian Morrison, choosing the resort was very easy! Our wedding designer, Suha Pressey, of Wedding Romantique and coordinator Ophelia McKnight, owner of Bridal Affairs Destination were able to reduce our stress level as the perfect destination wedding team. We also loved the  entertainment options for our 40+ guests who stayed the minimum of three nights at the resort. Our trip to Dunns River Fall before our wedding day was the highlight of most of our guests' trip!

Carrie: What are the top 5 moments of your wedding experience?

Diron1) Johnies saying it's "ok" to leave the makeup mark on his shirt 2) Our mothers saying we are happy 3) Our happy bridal party 4) Our children sharing in the sand ceremony 5) many showers of blessing from our guests

Carrie: Would you recommend Couples Resorts to future brides? Tell us why! 

DironYes! The wedding coordinator Jillian and Latoya were so professional and took the stress out of planning, and the private island was an incredible setting for our ceremony, and we had the most romantic honeymoon one could ever imagine after the wedding day enjoying Jamaica and Couples Resorts!

Thank you, Diron and Johnnie for sharing your story with us. We wish you all the happiness ahead as husband and wife, and look forward to welcoming you back soon!

One love,


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